About GE Sani

A Quebec company specialized in the online sale of PPE such as disposable gloves and sanitizers in the Greater Montreal area.

GE Sani is a subsidiary of Groupe GE Nationales with its offices in the greater Montreal area, in Quebec. We specialize in the online sale of PPE (personal protective equipment) products such as disposable face masks, powder free latex gloves and sanitizers (antibacterial gel and foaming hand sanitizer).

Our experience in the field of hygiene and sanitation products, e-commerce and customer service are some of the strengths of GE Sani that makes is possible to offer you a professional service with the respect and courtesy that you deserve.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strong demand for disposable protective masks. With this in mind, we only sell PPE products which are certified by Health Canada for your peace of mind. We can assist you by email or phone and help you with your orders through our technical support services.