Stainless Steel Hand Sanitizer Stand –
Hand Sanitizer Station


Portable and freestanding stainless steel hand sanitizer station. A sturdy soap dispenser stand made of stainless steel with a wide and stable base.



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Stainless Steel Hand Sanitizer Stand is designed for inclusion in areas where dedicated handwashing facilities are limited or not feasible. After switching your handwashing ways, You may not need to wash your hands again and again. Commonly located on corridors and entrances of the buildings to provide you a safe environment throughout your visit.

The sanitizer station is built from durable and robust stainless steel to make it more reliable in the future and suitable for use in most commercial washrooms or official environments.

The company has designed this hand sanitizer dispenser stand with reliability and long-term cost-saving factors in mind. It has the self-fill capability. Fill the unit with your desired hand sanitizer.


  • For use indoors, or outdoor shaded areas only in the absence of sunlight.
  • Adjustable with most hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • While using its self-fill feature, you can fill it with your desired solution.
  • High quality waterproof, fully stainless steel unit.

You Can Use Hand Sanitizer Stand with

  • Alcoholic sanitizing solutions, foaming solutions, or gels.
  • Perfumed/Unperfumed hand lotion soap or hand sanitizers
  • Anti-bacterial solutions

It provides you the Hygienic Environment while keeping your hands and area germ-free. It has a perfect selection of material & design to protect from vandalism. It has a design to have a long-lasting life with full assurance of best quality grade stainless steel.

Recommend Use with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.


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Hand Sanitizer Station”

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